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We understand our student loan clients are on a tight a budget which is why we offer a free, no obligation Case Review. We will ask you questions about your specific situation related to your student loan debt. The purpose of the Free Case Review is … [More Info]


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Legally resolving your student loan debt can be very complicated. The primary reason is because every case along with the potential and desired outcomes are different for each client. The other reason is the information is fragmented. While the … [More Info]


Student loans, Enforced Collection Actions

To understand how Enforced Collection Efforts begin and the potential result, it is important to understand the various “players” (parties) who may be involved. The Players Private Banks – Make loans directly to students or parents. Department … [More Info]


Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Often, we are asked if filing for bankruptcy protection will help discharge student loans. Sadly, for most people, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection will not provide the relief that they need. Student loans are difficult, but not … [More Info]


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